Cyber Security and All You Need to Know about It in 2022

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The internet has devolved into a dangerous environment littered with malicious links, computer viruses, and malware. Data breaches are growing more common, and unwary consumers are more susceptible than ever. There are millions of cyber threats carried out worldwide, leaking people’s information and personal stuff. As the world moves towards digitalization, cyber-attacks are increasing and imposing a threat to privacy. So what is the solution to all this chaos? Cyber security is the solution to all the problems faced by people online.

What is cyber security?

The practice of protecting computers, platforms, portable devices, electronic systems, connections, and data from hostile intrusions is known as cyber security. It’s often referred to as information technology security or electronic data security. The phrase is used in various contexts, ranging from business to personal technology, and can be classified into a few broad categories.

Network security

It is the technique of defending a computer system from attackers, whether they are deliberate attackers or opportunistic viruses.

Application security

It is concerned with keeping software and devices safe from threats. A hacked program may allow access to the information it is supposed to secure.

Information security

Information security safeguards the confidentiality and privacy of the information while it is in storage and transmission.

Operational security

The methods and actions for managing and securing data assets are included in operational security. This consists of the rights that users have when connecting to a network and the protocols that govern how and where data can be kept or shared.

Types of cyber-attacks

Cyber security counters 3 kinds of threats:


It encompasses both single actors and groups who attack systems for monetary gain or cause serious damage.


Politically motivated information collection is frequently used in cyber-attacks.


It aims to disrupt communications components to generate panic or fear.

So how do hostile actors obtain access to computer systems? Here are some popular strategies for jeopardizing cyber security.


Malware is a term that refers to malicious programs such as spyware, ransomware, and viruses. It usually infiltrates networks by exploiting flaws, such as clicking on questionable email links or installing dangerous applications. Once within a network, malware can steal valuable information, distribute other malicious software through the computer, and even prevent access to critical commercial network components.

Dark web monitoring

The technique of looking for and taking note of personal information found on a segment of the internet that is not accessible through normal means is known as “dark web monitoring.” The dark web is a secret network of websites that can only be accessed with a specific web browser. It is invisible to search engines and enables users to disguise their IP addresses. The information that can be stolen by this means is:

  • Passport number
  • Bank account number
  • Social security number
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Retail and membership card numbers


Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts files on a target computer, leaving those files and the systems they rely on inoperable. Once the device has been encrypted, the attackers will demand a ransom to unlock it. These attacks can paralyze the entire organization and put individuals in a tight spot.


A virus is a malicious program designed to propagate from computer to computer and other linked devices. The goal of a virus is to provide the attacker with access to the affected systems. Many infections masquerade as legitimate applications before causing system damage, stealing data, disrupting services, or downloading other malware.

SQL Injection

SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language. SQL injection attempts to take operations on database files, perhaps stealing them. It entails injecting malicious scripts via SQL statements and exploiting the vulnerabilities of data-driven programs.

Zero-day assaults

These are attacks that occur between the announcement of a network vulnerability and the release of a patch solution. Most firms will publicly state that they discovered a flaw in their network security. But some criminals will take advantage of this chance to launch attacks before the company can issue a security fix.

Importance of Cyber Security

People in today’s world keep vast volumes of data on laptops and other internet-connected gadgets. Much of it is confidential, such as credentials or financial information. If a cybercriminal has access to this data, they could trigger a slew of issues. For example, they could exchange essential details, use passwords to steal money, or even manipulate data to benefit themselves somehow.

Using cyber security is essential in today’s world because:

Business privacy and protection

Your business is secured, and it allows the employees to surf the internet without the fear of leaking secret information. However, if these systems, networks, and infrastructures are not adequately protected, your data may fall into the wrong hands.

Personal information is in safe hands

Personal information is among the most precious commodities in the electronic era. If a virus obtains personal information about you, it is perfectly capable of selling that information or even steal your money. With cyber security, all the data and personal information are safe.

Protection regarding Cyber-Attacks

Think before clicking

Just because you can click does not mean you should. Keep in mind that it could cost you a lot of money. So before clicking, verify the URL and ensure it comes from a reputable sender.

Mobile security

Security does not stop at your computer. It’s also a good idea to get into the practice of protecting your presence via your mobile device. Use complex passwords and fingerprint features, switch off Bluetooth, don’t link to public Wi-Fi automatically, and download with care.

Back up your data

Storage is no longer prohibitively expensive. However, there is no reason not to keep a backup of vital data. It should be backed up in both a physical place and the cloud. Remember that dangerous threats and hackers do not always aim to steal your data; instead, they may seek to encrypt or wipe it. So back it up to have a complete recovery tool.

Two-factor authentication

It’s crucial to have a secure password, but two-factor, or multi-factor, authentication is even more critical. This technique yields two layers of security protections, so even if a hacker correctly guesses your password, an additional security mechanism is in place to ensure that your account is not compromised.

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With the increase in cyber threats around the globe, it is crucial to have your network protected by a trustworthy cyber security provider. If you are facing these problems, contact us and our team will be there to solve the problems for you.

Maggie Tristan Wins National Award as One of the Top Women in Tech

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Close up of hand holding award trophy, success concept.

CFO of ATS Communications
Receives Award Amongst Tech

CONCORD, CA – ATS Communications, a
leading managed technology
services provider (MTSP),
announced today that Maggie
Tristan CFO, has been recognized
at a national convention for being
one of the top women in tech.
Tristan received the “Women in
Technology” award at the
Technology Assurance Group
(TAG) 20th Annual Convention in
Dallas, Texas. The event took place
on November 7-10 at the Hyatt
Regency and was filled with the
industry’s top MTSPs. Tristan was
celebrated for her role as a leader in
the community and was
acknowledged for building a very
successful company in a field that
is predominantly comprised of
men. The awarding organization,
TAG, is an organization of
independently-owned MTSPs who
collectively represent nearly
$800M in products and services.

Tristan’s approach to
leadership is evident in her
philosophy towards achievement.
“It was definitely satisfying for our
company to be acknowledged
among such a talented group of
CFOs but this award doesn’t just
belong to me, it belongs to our
entire team,” states Tristan. “One
of the things I’m proudest of is the
culture that we’ve built at ATS.
We’ve taken a more feminine
approach to getting things done and
it’s very satisfying to see our
company excelling. I feel so
grateful to work with a team like
ours and we expect to keep this
momentum going for years to

One of pillars of ATS’
unique approach to business is that
they are the only provider that
protects their customers from the
two risks of technology:
obsolescence and cost. As their
customers’ trusted technology
advisor, they’ve earned their
position as the market leader
through proven products and

Brian Suerth, President of
TAG has had a front-row view of
ATS’ growth over the years and
had some comments to add about
Tristan’s role within the business
community. “Maggie has always
been so talented, and we were so
happy to present her with this well deserved award. We’re thrilled that
our other Members are fortunate
enough to be around her, so that
they can learn from her unique
perspective and find new solutions
for their customers. It’s no secret
that our industry is predominantly
made up of men, and we are
thrilled to have another role model
within our group, who just so
happens to be a woman. As a father
of two daughters, it’s such a
privilege to see role models like
her, setting such a strong example
for our future generations.”

View Press Release (PDF)

Alerting Customers About Section 179 Tax Advantage Deadline

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Close up low angle view man remote working from home office on laptop computer sitting at desk

Leading MTSP Reminds Business Owners to Reinvest Before December 31st

CONCORD, CA – ATS Communications, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP) is alerting local businesses about Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 179 and the deductions it affords any organization that wants to reinvest in its business before the end of the calendar year in 2021. Business owners can take advantage of the Section 179 deduction, which allows them to deduct up to $1,050,000 on qualifying business equipment such as technology and computer software, if they purchase or finance this new equipment and put it into service before December 31, 2021. The deduction is good until a company reaches $2.62 million in purchases for the year.

The federal government’s intention with this program is to stimulate the economy by
permitting business owners to accelerate their depreciation rate so that instead of being forced to depreciate their capital expenditures over a 5-year basis, they can depreciate their entire investment at once, which can typically result in major tax savings.

“While we specialize in equipping our customers with technology infrastructure that is
highly customizable and scalable, we believe it’s important to inform them on Section 179. When we discovered that some of our customers were either unaware of or not taking advantage of this program, we felt compelled to educate them on its benefits. The only reason for any company to invest in new technology is if it increases your profitability and gives you a competitive advantage. Section 179 is a huge opportunity to accomplish both of those ends, while helping leverage deductions provided by the IRS,” stated Sanford Gladding, President of ATS Communications.

Read Press Release (PDF)

ATS Communications Invited to Speak at Technology Assurance Group’s Annual Convention

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Speaker at Business Conference Presentation with Audience at Conference Hall

Leading Managed Technology Services
Provider to Share Business Expertise
and Technology Foresight with
Organizations Throughout the U.S.
and Canada

CONCORD, CA – ATS Communications a
leading managed technology
services provider (MTSP), was
recently invited to speak at
Technology Assurance Group’s
20th Annual Convention in Dallas,
Texas. Technology Assurance
Group (TAG) is an organization of
MTSPs representing over $700
million in products and services.
TAG is inviting industry leaders to
discuss the future of the industry,
new technologies and best practices
to empower small to mid-sized
businesses (SMBs) to leverage
technology to enhance productivity
and increase profitability. The
event is invitation-only and ATS
Communications has been asked to
share its expertise with the rest of
the industry to keep MTSPs
operating at their fullest potential.
The event will take place at the
Hyatt Regency on November 6-10,

“It is an honor to be selected
for this event and be among the
best technology companies,” stated
Sanford Gladding, President of
ATS Communications. “It’s always
a privilege to share our knowledge
as we help push the industry
forward. We are looking forward to
sharing our insights on how
technology is evolving and most
importantly, how that will impact
our customers’ businesses. We
have a culture of being proactive
and the information we gain from
the TAG convention is one of the
ways we keep our customers ahead
of the curve when it comes to
technological innovation. We
always leave with new ideas,
technologies and solutions that
have the capacity to better protect,
streamline or delight our

“ATS Communications is a
premier Member within the TAG
organization and is revered by the
business community for their
expertise on developing strong
customer relationships,”
commented Brian Suerth, President
of TAG. “ATS Communications
focuses on advancing their
customers’ businesses through
technology with a consultative
approach. As a result, they have a
phenomenal reputation of
exceeding customers’ expectations.
They are a true leader and highly
respected by their peers.”

The TAG convention will bring
in the best minds in managed
technology services from all parts
of the United States and Canada to
ensure that the dialogue and
knowledge transfer is rich. ATS
Communications serves businesses
that are looking for innovative
technology solutions to take them
to the next level.

View Press Release (PDF)

ATS Communications Launches SaaS Alerting Technology to Manage Common Business Applications

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Businessman Using Laptop Computer with 'Scam Alert!' Message on Screen

Leading Managed Technology Services
Provider Invests in Advanced
Cybersecurity Tools

CONCORD, CA – ATS Communications, a
leading managed technology
services provider (MTSP), has
increased their investments in an
advanced cybersecurity technology
to create additional layers of
protection for their customers. ATS
Communications is deploying a
SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) alert
technology to help its customers
monitor, protect and manage their
employees access on widely-used
business applications like G Suite,
Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, Office
365 and Box. ATS
Communications’s new SaaS alert
technology monitors upwards of 35
different types of applications and
gives SMBs real-time alerts and
reporting capacities. Additionally,
it automatically responds to issues
which require attention before the
customer has initiated any action.

“We’re excited to deploy this
technology because it empowers
our customers to immediately be
notified of any issues so that they
can be rectified, immediately,” said
Sanford Gladding, President of
ATS Communications. We’ve all
heard about the acceleration of
ransomware attacks in the news
lately, the real problem behind any
breach, is not knowing the extent of
the breach for a long period of
time. With this technology, our
customers will know
instantaneously if a breach has
been attempted as we thwart
attacks on their behalf.”

While technologies like G
Suite, Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox,
Office 365 or Box have become
ubiquitous in the modern
workplace, they unfortunately
expose networks to certain
vulnerabilities which can be
prevented. While ATS
Communications’s particular
technology monitors and alerts
SMBs on up to 35 different types
of cyberattack methods, many
businesses are undereducated as to
the 6 most common attacks.

  • 1. Brute Force Attacks – this
    is when cybercriminals use
    automation and scripts to guess
    passwords. Typical brute force
    attacks make a few hundred
    guesses every second which take
    advantage of simple passwords
    which use common expressions
    like ‘user123′ or ‘password1,’ and
    can be cracked in minutes.

  • 2. Logins From Unauthorized
    – these types of breaches
    can be spotted through various
    indicators such as: a VPN
    connection from an unknown
    device or anonymous proxy, an
    abnormal amount of data uploaded
    during a VPN session, an increase
    of company-related data files
    accessed, multi-factor
    authentication (MFA) from a new
    device, or too many failed VPN

  • 3. Outdated File Shares From
    Drive/Dropbox/Etc. (Orphaned
    – these occur when attackers
    overtake expired, stale, and invalid
    external links on credible websites,
    portals, or applications so that they
    can repurpose them for fraudulent

  • 4. Data Exfiltration – this is
    when any malicious actor targets,
    copies, and transfers sensitive data
    outside out of a company’s
    network, which can often be used
    to extract a ransom or be offered to
    a competitor for a bribe.

  • 5. Confidential Files
    – when businesses are
    immediately notified as to which
    users are accessing confidential. A
    telltale sign that a cyber attacker is
    poking around in a network that
    they shouldn’t be meddling in, is
    when confidential files are being
    viewed frequently.

  • 6. Security Group and Policy
    – this is often a means to
    make it easier for a hacker to break
    in and cause a deeper extent of
    damage to a business or
    organization, yet SaaS alert
    technology can be configured to
    send off an alert to ensure that the
    company is in control of any
    changes being made to the security

“While there are many more
types of attacks which can be
rectified with various levels of
complexity, these SaaS alerts can
add a much-needed layer of
security for any organization,”
added Mr. Gladding. “However, as
cybercriminals continue to
innovate, so must the technology
that we leverage to protect our

View Press Release (PDF)

ATS Communications’s Cybersecurity Platform Deflects Recent Ransomware Attacks on Technology Companies

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Finger touching digital halogram on screen with lock icon, internet/cyber security concept.

Leading Managed Technology Services
Provider Keeps SMBs Safe,
Once Again

CONCORD, CA – ATS Communications, a
leading managed technology
services provider (MTSP), recently
shared that their robust
cybersecurity solutions have
protected their customers from
consistent, daily attacks on small to
mid-sized businesses.
Unfortunately, this is not the case
for many IT companies that
leverage other systems like Kaseya,
an IT solutions software developer,
that was compromised by hackers
in July through a malicious
software update that Kaseya
unknowingly pushed out to SMBs.
It’s unknown exactly how many
devices were infected with absolute
certainty, as hackers wreaked
havoc on over 1 million devices
and demanded $70M as a ransom.
This type of breach targeting
companies through their IT
providers is becoming more
commonplace. ATS
Communications’s customers have
been completely unaffected by any
of these major network

For years, ATS
Communications has remained
ahead of the curve and protected its
customers by foreseeing potential
threats and rectifying them long
before they reach their customers’
businesses. In fact, it’s a central
aspect of their business philosophy.
Sanford Gladding, President of
ATS Communications stated,
“We’ve been preaching the merits
of cybersecurity for years and
while moments like this are
unfortunate to witness, these types
of breaches were very predictable.
In fact, it’s exactly why we’ve been
making the right investments in the
right technologies to keep our
customers protected from these
types of events. Business owners
need to understand that when they
hire an IT company, their provider
not only needs to install, deploy
and maintain the technology
properly, but they should also be
sophisticated enough to educate
them on the significance of
cybersecurity in the modern era.
Modern advances have shifted
cybersecurity from being a cost
prohibitive, corporate luxury to a
financially sound benefit for any
business that wishes to eliminate
this risk from their future. Business
owners need to start anticipating
issues like this, so that they can
keep their organizations, employees
and futures, secure.”

ATS Communications takes
extreme care in protecting its
customers from breach and utilizes
an array of cybersecurity solutions
to fortify its network and protects
each customer’s IT network using
the exact same methods they use
internally. In other words, SMBs
that are working with true MTSPs,
like ATS Communications,
essentially have a 24/7/365 team of
dedicated cybersecurity
professionals who are constantly
innovating solutions which prevent
any disruptions from occurring. A
central principle behind any
effective cybersecurity defense
strategy is to use a layered
approach, so that in the event of a
breach, hackers are restricted to
only affecting small portions of the

While the true damage done
from the Kaseya breach remains to
be seen, SMBs must take the
initiative to make the necessary
preventative steps to secure their
organizations from being affected
in the future. While these supplychain oriented attacks are likely to
continue, this doesn’t mean that
businesses are defenseless. Quite
the contrary, as Gladding
concluded, “In the case of
cybersecurity, the old adage, ‘an
ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure’ is quite

View Press Release (PDF)

Attackers Have Successfully Hit the Nation’s Largest Corporations – Their Onslaught on SMBs Will be Worse – Are You Prepared?

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A person in a hoodie holding a laptop with one hand while the other draws a USB closer, with a stylized binary overlayed on top of the figure

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Shares How SMBs Can Protect Themselves from Cyberattacks and Ransomware Threats

CONCORD, CA – ATS Communications, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), recently shared that some of the nation’s largest corporations, like McDonalds, Adobe, eBay, Equifax, LinkedIn, Marriott, Target and Yahoo have all been affected by cybersecurity breaches. While many of these breaches have been widely publicized, they only represent a small fraction of the attempted cyberattacks, which the modern business owner now faces. As a result of these breaches, we are also beginning to see cybercriminals become more emboldened, targeting more critical infrastructure in an effort to demand heftier sums. In fact, recently the Colonial Pipeline, which is responsible for supplying 45% of the fuel for the East Coast, was hit with a ransomware attack. This halted gas distribution, sending customers into “panic buying” throughout the East Coast and eventually cost $4.4 million to restore. Meanwhile, JBS, one of the nation’s largest meat processors who is responsible for 20% of the nation’s meat supply, was also hit with a ransomware attack that they eventually paid $11 million to resolve. While most SMBs are aware of the growing threats posed by cybercriminals, they are failing to recognize that after large corporations and major infrastructure centers fortify their cyber defenses, hackers will have no place to turn but to small business.

ATS Communications has been doing its best to educate business owners on the challenges that a breach, virus or phishing attack could have on any organization, and its best summarized by this statistic from the National Cyber Security Alliance, “60 percent of small and mid-sized businesses that are hacked go out of business within six months.” While daunting, all this statistic actually reveals is that any preventative actions taken now, could have dramatic impacts on helping an SMB avoid these kinds of disruptions. “It’s always a delicate balance,” states Sanford Gladding, President of ATS Communications. “We consider it our duty to be honest in regards to the scale and scope of cyberattacks in the modern era, however, there’s so much that businesses can do to protect themselves, so that they don’t have to worry about these sorts of nuisances affecting them.”

While an anti-virus and firewall may have been an effective security measure in the early 1990s, technology has evolved dramatically since then. There are many other technology systems available, that can fortify any SMB’s defenses so that they are fully prepared and protected. Here are 6 steps that any SMB can take to protect its staff, customers and future from cybersecurity disturbances.

  1. 1. Use “Layers of Security” –

    Taking a layered approach to security enables damage to be quarantined, while simultaneously reducing the severity of any attack. This can easily be set up as long as the network administrator has taken good care to keep the infrastructure well-organized and properly maintained.

  2. 2. Activate Multi-Factor or “2-Step” Authentication –

    Most companies now require multi-factor authentication upon logging into key systems, requiring the user to confirm their identity before proceeding further, via text message or phone call. While this is likely to become ubiquitous across all platforms, especially cloud apps, other internal technology systems need to be configured to provide this basic, yet extremely effective layer of security.

  3. 3. Have a Data Backup or Data Recovery Plan –

    In the event of a breach or an outage, it’s extremely useful to have all key data duplicated and stored securely in a remote location. Not only does this thwart less sophisticated cybercriminals who are counting on their target to be underprepared, but
    it eliminates the downtime that any breach or outage could cause, while employees “get things back up to speed.”

  4. 4. Use a SOC (Security Operations Center) –

    In the same way that residential homes are supported by a remote security center, with 24/7 monitoring, notification and authority alerting capabilities, your team’s devices should be similarly supported, as well. A good SOC will monitor network traffic, endpoints, logs, security events, etc., so that analysts can use this information to identify vulnerabilities and prevent breaches. When a suspicious activity is detected, your platform should create an alert, indicating further investigation is required.

  5. 5. Mandatory Cybersecurity Trainings for Employees –

    Unfortunately, “human error” is one of the main causes of most security breaches. If a company has not mandated cybersecurity trainings for employees, then undereducated employees can accidentally serve as a hacker’s greatest ally. These employee trainings do not take very much time to complete and they can be configured to track and confirm employee progress.

  6. 6. Remove All IT Tasks from the CEO’s List of Responsibilities –

    Not only is the CEO typically one of the people with the least amount of technical know-how in the company, but the time consumption required to build an adequate cyber defense strategy is sizable. While CEOs typically feel an obligation to keep their team protected, CEOs should be spending the majority of their time thinking strategically and focusing on how to create more opportunities for revenue growth, not tinkering with IT tools that they don’t have full mastery over. At this stage, consider consulting with or hiring an expert IT advisor to guide you through the nitty-gritty of installations, monitoring and ongoing management of critical security systems.

While hackers continue to search for targets, the steps outlined above are immediately actionable and will serve as a solid foundation for the majority of businesses that wish to prepare themselves for the coming trend.

View Press Release (PDF)

ATS Communications and MPA Networks Announce Acquisition

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Two men in suits shaking hands with multiple graphics, vectors, and a map overlaid on top of them

Bay Area and Silicon Valley MTSPs Unite Forces to Augment Customer Experience

CONCORD, CA – ATS, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today that they will be acquiring MPA Networks. After 38 successful years in business, Michael Price, the founder of MPA Networks, has made the decision to start his exit strategy. His eventual goals include a second career and several hobbies as he plans on shifting focus in a couple of years. Price will be involved in day-to-day operations until 2023 and will stay involved with ATS for four years. Consequently, MPA clients know Price is part of the process, will continue to assist clients as needed, and is not leaving out the back door.

ATS Logo
MPA Logo

Price spent over two years looking for the right company to merge his operations into and had key criteria: MPA clients and the MPA team members would continue to have the opportunity to be supported and served. He was adamant about not merging the business into an M&A focused venture company that would not share the same priorities he had. MPA and ATS are both Members of Technology Assurance Group (TAG), an elite international association of independently owned MTSPs in the United States and Canada collectively representing close to $400 million in annual sales. TAG was instrumental in connecting MPA and ATS because both organizations share common foundational principles, values, missions and elite-level standards for the customer experience.

“ATS met my objectives and then some,” states Price. “We are able to seamlessly take over support of clients because we have so many comparable technical offerings and we were able to successfully integrate the MPA team into the ATS team. As ATS is a larger company than MPA, we are able to deliver more resources to clients and a broader array of solutions including an expanded help desk offering for IT support, UCaaS Unified-Communications-as-a-Service), VoIP solutions, infrastructure buildout and wiring, and surveillance.”

This merger also met key ATS objectives including adding top tier talent. “The labor market for high quality technical team members is very challenging. This merger expands our technical support team by over 30% which will have an immediate positive impact for both ATS and MPA clients. With this larger pool of technical skills, our customer’s users will benefit from expanded technical resources for support and projects,” comments Sanford Gladding, CEO of ATS. “We are excited to gain excellent operational processes which we can implement to improve services, support, and offerings for ATS clients. Additionally we will strengthen our footprint in the Bay Area.” ATS is taking advantage of a remote workforce model and now has technical talent strategically located throughout the region. At the same time, ATS gains an East Coast engineer which allows selected critical services to occur prior to the start of our client’s workdays in California, creating immediate benefits for all existing ATS clients

It’s quite clear that this acquisition is being conducted conscientiously, so that the end result is that all clients end up with an augmented customer experience, regardless as to whether or not they were originally supported by ATS or MPA. Price and Gladding’s collaborative, long-term approach to this transition is a clear testament to the level of respect both hold for their clients, team members and the futures of everyone involved.

View Press Release (PDF)

ATS Communications Reveals Future of AI Integrated Cybersecurity Defense Strategies for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMB)

Posted on: June 29th, 2021 by admin

Digital code and locks on world map. Internet network, cyber security, data protection concept.

Leading Managed Technology
Services Provider Shares How AI
is Evolving SMB Defenses

ATS Communications a leading
managed technology services
provider (MTSP), announced
today that AI (artificial
intelligence) is starting to play a
key role in cybersecurity defense
systems for small to mid-sized
businesses (SMBs). ATS
Communications protects the
interests of its clients by
remaining on the forefront of
technology’s latest advancements
and it is actively advising SMBs
on the potentials that AI integration promises for
cybersecurity in the very near
future. Most businesses are
becoming aware of how prevalent
phishing attempts, identity theft
and ransomware attacks have
become in recent years and ATS
Communications is doing its part
to help businesses put a stop to it,
by sharing the technology
industry’s response to more
sophisticated attacks.

“Whenever we talk about AI
integrated into technology, the
most common application that our
clients are aware of is how facial
recognition cameras can integrate
with AI. With an appropriate data
set, AI can proactively suggest a
course of action based on a
target’s background, prior
behaviors, and other factors. This
has obvious benefits for
enhancing the security of any
physical location,” stated
Gladding, President of ATS
Communications. “However, AI
is becoming more central to every
facet of cybersecurity, as well.
While the applications are still
growing in widespread popularity,
many business owners will soon
be faced with this question:
should I put my business on a
‘Smart Network’ or just on ‘a

As more businesses utilize key
SaaS (software-as-a-service) apps
like Slack, Office 365, GSuite and
Salesforce to power their
operations, the more attractive
those services have become to
cybercriminals. ATS
Communications is now
leveraging AI to heighten
defenses so that businesses can
continue to work with their
favorite SaaS applications, but
can also rest assured that their
access to those mission-critical
programs remains 100% secure.
AI is like adding another layer to
an organization’s security stack
that constantly evolves into a
better version of itself.

AI is also entering the
cybersecurity space as a tool for
research and marketing purposes.
Some AI-enabled applications can
cross-analyze multiple publicly
available databases to help
businesses find their ideal clients’
names, email addresses, phone
numbers and other relevant
information in real-time. “AI is
absolutely exploding, right now,”
added Gladding. “The fact that
technology can learn, become
smarter and more efficient, means
ultimately that the businesses who
harness AI now, are poised to
gain significant competitive
advantages in their industry. In
other words, the gap between
early adopters and laggards is

The main driver for AI-based
technology is simple: since
cybercriminals have access to
more advanced technologies, they
have continued to devise new
methods of infiltrating networks.
Since those are built on the back
of AI, the solution for SMBs who
want to operate securely, must
meet those strategies with equally
sophisticated cyber defense tools.
With the proper AI infrastructure,
SMBs can not only outpace the
innovation curve of
cybercriminals, but they can also
enhance their security across
every area of the organization.

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ATS Communications Helps Companies Successfully Adopt the Hybrid Workplace Model with Advanced Technology Solutions

Posted on: May 28th, 2021 by admin

Young colleagues with older boss working with computers in shared workspace.

Leading Managed Technology Services
Provider Maximizes Employee
Productivity As Businesses Transition
to the New Normal

ATS Communications, a leading
managed technology services
provider, announced today the
company is helping organizations
transition out of the pandemic by
migrating them into a hybrid
workplace model with the latest in
today’s advanced technology
solutions. As restrictions begin to
loosen, small to mid-sized
businesses (SMBs) are looking for
ways to bring staff back into the
office, while simultaneously
maintaining employee safety by
utilizing a hybrid model that
combines the best of in-person and
remote work environments. One of
the most significant challenges that
businesses face when attempting to
accomplish this is to ensure that all
staff have the appropriate
technologies to navigate in-person
and remote environments
seamlessly. While many business
owners are uncertain which
technologies are the best to utilize,
ATS Communications is paving a
path for SMBs to follow, so they
can optimize employee
productivity as the business world
transitions into the next, “new

Prior to the pandemic only a
small percentage of employees
worked remotely. We now know
that remote work environments are
going to be mainstay for years to
come. Necessity to adapt,
consequently proved to business
owners just how effective their
staff could be whether in the office
or working from home. In fact,
according to a survey conducted by
a unit of S&P Global Market
Intelligence, out of 575 IT
decision-makers from a range of
industries, they found that “67% of
respondents expect work-from-home policies will remain in place
permanently or at least for the long
term,” which suggests that since
businesses were given no choice
but to adapt, they’ve managed to
survive and if they want to position
themselves for success in the
future, they should ensure that their
technology infrastructure is robust
enough to support employees
ability to communicate and
collaborate. Furthermore, a Gallup
poll revealed that “54% of office
workers would be willing to quit
their job for one that allows them to
work remotely.” Whether a
company goes full-remote or
hybrid, it’s vital that they have the
right technology systems in place
to support productivity and

The most important technology
solution needed for any business is
an ability to communicate with its
customers, regardless of its
employees’ physical location.
Cloud voice is the natural response
to that need. ATS
Communications’s cloud voice
solution enables its customers to
leverage the same feature-rich
functionality of an office phone
system, while simultaneously
integrating it with the cloud to
enable the flexibility required in a
hybrid model.

In order to fully maximize
employee productivity and benefit
from a hybrid model, a cloud
computing solution, like Microsoft
Azure must be rapidly adopted by
SMBs. Transitioning a company’s
network from on-premise servers
into Azure is the ideal
infrastructure to support remote
workers. Sanford Gladding,
President at ATS Communications
stated, “Having your servers and
applications in the cloud enables
workers to stay at home or
transition to and from the office
seamlessly. A server in an office
closer is getting closer to extinction
like the dinosaur.”

Lastly, as more employees
spend time in their home offices,
those environments must be
secured because of the gaping lack
in security that most home
networks are exposed to. Far too
many home offices pose security
risks to the entire network because
they offer little security, which
cybercriminals are already
exploiting. “While employees may
have been able to work from
remote on a temporary basis
without setting up proper IT
security infrastructure for the home
office, it’s a huge vulnerability to
expose the rest of the company,”
added Gladding.

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