Integrating Business Phone Systems to Microsoft Teams to Increase Customer Collaboration, Productivity, and Profitability

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User dialing numbers on a phone.

Leading MTSP Improves Communication Among Region’s Businesses

CONCORD, CA – ATS Communications a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), recently announced that the company is proactively integrating business phone systems seamlessly into Microsoft Teams to boost collaboration, productivity and profitability. Microsoft Teams has now become the most widely used business collaboration platform across most industries. ATS Communications is helping businesses maximize their utilization of Microsoft Teams by combining it to a feature rich business VoIP solution. As result, the region’s businesses can leverage key applications including call controls, IVR, call handling, automatic call recording, reports, analytics, call queues, SMS, and fax capabilities in an enhanced security environment with less downtime.

Essentially, small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face a trade-off when they integrate Microsoft Teams into their organization. Microsoft Teams offers a host of apps and services which greatly enhance an organization’s ability to collaborate on projects, which can increase the efficiency, speed and effectiveness of team efforts on projects. ATS Communications’s innovative solution and guidance enables Teams’ users to experience seamless integration that would allow an organization to maximize all of their existing business

phone capabilities without causing operational disruption. For example, one drawback of Teams was how it didn’t leverage existing phone numbers, conference lines, contacts, etc. whereby one would have to utilize new numbers that didn’t integrate natively into the platform. Imagine the headache caused by telling staff they now have one phone number for customers but a separate number for Teams. ATS Communications’s solution solves this problem, among many others in a way that can be implemented with a single click, with no hardware, no need for specialist skills, with no disruption to the business with pricing that is infinitely scalable (either up or down).

“Microsoft Teams has become so popular because it is an undeniably powerful platform,” stated Sanford Gladding, President of ATS Communications. “It’s quickly becoming ubiquitous and will be the standard that all businesses rely on to foster collaboration between organizations. However, once we noticed that one small, yet crucial, missing piece for our customers was that Teams had no native phone app, we solved the problem. With IT and business technology systems, you just expect it to ‘just work’ and this technology will help our customers leverage everything they’ve already invested in.”

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Stay Protected Against Any Unwanted Threats or Hackers – ATS Cyber Security Services to Keep Your Business Safe

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A hacker in a hoodie holding a credit card in one hand and a laptop in another while standing in a server room

Hackers are a growing concern for most businesses. In order to protect against them, it is important to understand what they do and how they do it. While the term hacker may be new, hacking has been around for centuries.

Because cyber security is a growing concern it is important to have a cyber security service in place to protect your company from hackers and other cyber threats.

There are many different types of cyber security services that can help your business. Some of these services include:

  • Data backup and recovery
  • Network monitoring
  • Firewall installation
  • Malware protection
  • Password management

Hackers: What are They?

Hackers can be classified into two broad categories: white hats and black hats. Black hats can be termed as hackers who break into systems and steal data or make money by selling it off to other hackers. White hat hackers are those who use their skills for good purposes, such as finding vulnerabilities in networks, identifying security holes, and fixing them before the black hats get there.

It is important that every company takes steps to protect itself against hackers, or they might risk losing valuable data. There are many different ways in which companies can protect themselves. One way is by using a VPN service, which encrypts all traffic between the computer and the server.

We’re quite aware of how hacking can be detrimental to any business out there. Here’s why cyber security services are pivotal in the fight against hacking.

Why are Cyber Security Services Important?

The increase in hackers on a global basis has now led to more and more companies seeking cyber security services. Cyber security is a broad term that encompasses a variety of different services and solutions.

Cyber security services are important for the protection of an organization’s data, assets, and intellectual property. Services can include vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, security consulting, encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), information risk management, incident response (IR) planning, and response to cyber-attacks.

The proliferation of the Internet has made it easier for hackers to find their target, and the wide range of devices that we use on a daily basis makes it easier for them to exploit vulnerabilities. Hackers are always looking for ways to take advantage of businesses and steal their data.

How Can ATS Cyber Security Services Keep Your Site Safe?

ATS is an industry leader in cybersecurity solutions. We have a team of experts who are well versed in all areas related to cyber security, and offer a variety of services, including consulting, auditing, validation, as well as training programs for organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

We are the leading provider of cyber security services in the industry. Our team consists of experts in all sorts of IT fields that are aligned with cyber security.

It’s important to note that we offer a wide variety of services that include consulting, auditing, and validation. We also provide training programs and solutions for organizations to stay up to date with the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

We offer a wide range of cyber security services that include:

  • Dark Web Protection
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Managed Security Services
  • Password Management

Benefits of Availing ATS’s Services

In today’s world of cyber-terrorism, it is essential for any company to have a strong cybersecurity system. The cyber security landscape is changing time and time again, it’s always important to stay updated. Cyber security services are the best way to ensure that your company’s data is safe from any kind of cyber-attack.

These services are meant to protect us from all the dangers that cyber-attacks pose to us. They are meant to protect us from hackers, data breaches, identity theft, and more.

At ATS, our experts have taken this into consideration and provide a wide range of cyber security services that are not just helpful but exactly what our clients need.

Some of the benefits of our services are:

  • Offering a wide range of cyber security services that are tailored to our customer’s needs.
  • Offering a diverse range of cyber security services.
  • Helping your business stay protected at all times.
  • Empowering our customers and enabling them to learn more about data systems.
  • Providing a handful of different cloud solutions and voice solutions as well.

ATS Pro IT Services Uses Dark Web ID Solution to Protect You from Fraud on the Dark Web

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Illustration of hacker stealing data from cloud, phishing concept.

In today’s digital world, where most transactions are done online, and users don’t need to go outside their homes to get most things, it attracts some aspects we digitally aren’t prepared for in real life. The more businesses and institutions serve their consumers online, the more scammers and frauds target these services. To hide their intentions and practices, most of these individuals turned to the dark web to target innocents and those who are not tech or web-savvy. Your employees and staff can be a target, too, if they are not safeguarded by the best training and firewalls.

Let yourself focus on your business and what matters, and let ATS Pro IT Services take care of it and protect you from the dark web.

Protect Your Digital Credentials from the Dark Web

Digital credentials are one of the most valuable things on the dark web as they give the scammers and frauds the access to skim as much info and money as possible. This is because the credentials are access information like passwords that connect people to critical business applications. These credentials are sold for vast sums of money on the dark web as some would risk getting out more money and information from a company’s account.

ATS services collaborate with ID agents to support their customers and float their Dark Web ID to scour if your credentials are compromised.

The Importance of Digital Security from Dark Web ID

The significant importance of security can be deemed from the following points that will harm digital citizens more than what they know about to protect them.

  • Hackers and scammers use these credentials to do more damage inside the company to the unsuspecting. They can even enhance the stealing of digital identity on a larger scale.

  • Most users use a single login password for most services, opening them up to risks. Even if one of these platforms isn’t protected and their credentials are in danger, their digital footprint may hurt much more.

  • More than 75% of passwords and credentials are at risk, and law enforcement institutions regularly return that information to affected parties to take more strategic steps.

Dark Web ID’s Game Plan

  • The level of security and credentials monitoring is so high that it matches the level of security provided to Fortune 500 companies that we will provide to yours.

  • You sit back and work on your essential tasks while Dark Web ID roams and scours the dark web for compromised credentials.

  • Dark Web ID connects with other services like I2P, Tor, and Freenet for more enhanced search and rescue operations.

  • Proactivity is the key to helping Dark Web ID realize the compromising situation in real-time and nip the issue in the bud.

Dark Web ID Is the Best at What They Do

Online criminals are sneaky and strike at the most reasonable time by staying in the dark. They can’t hide from the vigilant eyes of Dark Web ID. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

  • Identification – The AI-based search technology helps them identify compromises in your organization.

  • Preparation – Dark Web ID collects information over time, and as information is money, the more you have, DWI can help you save all that fortune if it was compromised.

  • Prediction – Their extensive information and experience allow them to see trends in the industry before they become the norm helping you be prepared and ready.

  • Monitoring – Dark Web ID monitors for malicious activity 24x7x365 in many places on the dark web. Some of the most common places to hunt are private and shady websites, hidden chat rooms, P2P networks, IRCs, Black Market sites, and some of the most popular social media platforms.

  • Reporting – Over 80,000 compromised emails are reported daily due to the power of their AI analytics.

  • Prevention – When you know and are prepared for something that will happen, you can easily tackle it.

It is more common than ever that every day thousands of online accounts are susceptible to online hacking and scamming. A simple mistake can increase the risk of exposing sensitive information to losing its assets. The frauds take their time to learn your activity patterns and can strike or attack at the most vulnerable time when you least expect it. Up to 43% of small businesses are open books for cyber criminals to attack and benefit from. They can get a lot of information from these credentials from the companies and businesses.

All that can be stopped by the vigilant practices of Dark Web ID employed by ATS Communications.

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ATS Communications Prepares Customers to Leverage AI to Reshape Their Businesses

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Humanoid robot using futuristic computer interface, artificial intelligence concept.

Leading MTSP Shares How Businesses
Can Gain a Competitive Advantage
with AI

ATS Communications a leading
managed technology services
provider (MTSP) is preparing
organizations to leverage artificial
intelligence (AI) to reshape their
businesses. With many businesses
looking for cost-effective ways to
increase productivity AI has
emerged as an obvious solution.
The driving factor behind this
growth in interest is that AI is
poised to revolutionize virtually
every single industry because the
applications it promises are
endless. ATS Communications is
leading small to mid-sized
businesses (SMBs) through this
technological terrain by teaching
them how they can take advantage
of this disruptive new technology
to gain a sustainable competitive
advantage and increased
profitability over the long-run.

“We’re seeing an explosion in
AI,” stated Sanford Gladding,
President of ATS Communications.
“AI is becoming ubiquitous and
while many of its applications are
behind the scenes, AI is now a
fundamental aspect of all
infrastructure. Whether companies
realize it or not, their core
technology will be running on AI
very soon, which ultimately means
that their businesses will be
powered by AI, too.”

The most obvious reason
businesses are exploring AI is
because it eliminates the mundane
aspects of business, the parts which
employees don’t enjoy doing
because they don’t require very
much creativity. With AI finding
ways to eliminate minutia,
employees are much more likely to
be more creatively engaged with
their work, which makes them
more fulfilled, motivated and
productive. AI is helping to free
workers from lower-level tasks
which can be automated so they
can focus on higher-priority, more
strategic objectives that actually
contribute more significantly to the
organization’s bottom-line.

Another reason that AI is
booming is because it gives teams
access to better information, which
means that staff with AI, can make
smarter decisions than staff without
AI. One common application is
AI’s ability to intelligently collect
customer data. Social media
platforms are a prime example of
this, which explains why data has
become one of the most valuable
resources in the world. With AI
powering data collection,
companies can answer the broader
question, “What is our customer
data telling us about where we need
to drive the company in the
future?” When SMBs are armed
with higher caliber information, it
becomes extremely hard for
outdated businesses to compete,
especially at scale.

Another big application for AI
is in marketing. Organizations have
already started to incorporate AI
into their marketing campaigns
because it allows you to hyper-personalize marketing material,
down to the specific interests,
behaviors, and attitudes of each
individual interacting with your
business. When sales reps are
equipped with such highly
individualized information, not
only are prospects they speak with
more highly qualified from the
outset, but the hyper-personalization results in deeper
rapport, higher closing rates, faster
sales cycles, and accelerated
growth. SMBs are turning to AI
because they can no longer afford
to allow sales reps to waste their
time on unqualified prospects, or
with those who have a low
likelihood of purchasing, when
there’s no need to do so.

AI is also streamlining
collaboration via data sharing
through the cloud. Have you ever
noticed how big innovations
happen when people from different
departments finally start talking to
each other? When team members
are isolated in separate
departments, innovation is
constrained simply because ideas
cannot be cross-pollinated. AI-based software services, like
Microsoft Azure have made cloud
insights available across the entire
company, so spontaneous
innovation happens faster than ever
before. When an organization can
collaborate more efficiently the
speed of innovation increases,
which leads to faster deployment of
new products and services, which
ultimately yields more profits.

Another reason that
organizations are turning to AI is
because it dramatically reduces the
problem of “human error.” With
about 75% of cyber security
breaches being caused by phishing
emails that employees accidentally
click, AI-powered solutions can
pre-filter dangerous emails,
messages, and notifications making
it impossible for employees to
make unnecessary mistakes in the
first place. For example, in the case
of a suspicious email, sent from an
unsecured email address from
someone you’ve never interacted
with before, it can automatically be
marked for deletion before the
employee gets a chance to review
it. This prevents dangerous
messages from ever appearing in
your employee’s inbox. This is just
one application of “Human Error
Elimination”. Imagine what human
error elimination applications can
be developed to create “peace of
mind” for business owners in any

“ATS Communications is
educating businesses in each one of
these AI applications because of
the profound scale of impact that it
will have on virtually every
industry and more importantly,
because it is a golden opportunity
to secure a huge competitive
advantage, especially for the early
adopters,” added Mr. Gladding.
“SMBs that embrace AI early-on
and learn how to incorporate its
power into their organizations
quickly, will soon outpace their

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Get the Best Out of Cloud Computing with Pro IT Services from ATS

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The words 'The Cloud'

There is no denying that technology has made our lives easier and far more convenient. From the ability to connect people through a single tap on your phone to conveniently finding answers with one Google search, the world has come a long way.

Another aspect in technology has conveniently made life easier, especially for businesses. What is it?

Well, Cloud Computing, of course.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing isn’t a tricky term to grasp, and if you are someone from the world of technology or corporate, you must know about it.

In case you don’t, worry not. Cloud computing refers to many services which can be delivered through the internet. Users can save their data, servers, and many other storages online, which remain safe and can be sent to or accessed by those given permission.

The cloud has made business matters easier to conduct and holds many great benefits, making it an essential factor for companies to transition towards.

Why Should a Business Transition Towards Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing, when introduced, was like that new kid on the block, which seemed cool, but people were hesitant to approach it. However, it soon changed people’s perspectives and opinions about itself and benefited the world in many different ways.

If you are a company that wants to switch to cloud computing but are hesitant, here is why you should make the transition step.

Lowers Cost

While hardware was an efficient way to store data and other storage, those days are now gone. This is because hardware can be expensive to buy and sometimes can be inconvenient to keep. Moreover, if it faces any problem, the eradication of data will always be a concern.

Hence, cloud computing is your next best option. It is cost-effective, and you do not have to worry about storing files on different devices too. Everything can be kept under one roof, making it a very convenient approach.

Guaranteed Security

The best part about cloud computing or storing data on cloud servers is the guaranteed security. Companies that provide cloud servers guarantee users that their data and storage will be protected from hackers, and there will be no breach of privacy.

In short, your data will only be accessible by you or those with permissions.

Work-Life Balance

One of the best gifts any company can give their workers is a balanced work and life. Through cloud computing, this can be achieved easily.

Cloud computing will enable users to access data from the cloud server directly, no matter where they are. Hence, they don’t need to be present in the office whenever a work need arises.

How Does ATS Pro IT Services Help Companies with Cloud Computing?

ATS was established in 1975 and has evolved with the dynamics of the changing world of technology. We understand how important it is to stay with the modern world and adapt according to its needs and requirements, and hence we preach to our customers the same.

At ATS, we help businesses understand why cloud computing is the demand of today and what benefits they will avail of if they switch to cloud computing. However, that is not all.

While many companies and firms do the same, certain factors make ATS different. If you are interested to learn about them, then hop on below:

We Make the Process Easier

We understand that while transitioning to cloud computing is the best decision for any company, we also know that it isn’t possible all at once. Businesses and companies are loaded with data and essential servers that need to be protected, and it can be costly to upload them all at once.

So, we provide a helpful guide to companies about which data to upload first and what other factors will benefit them. Moreover, we will also help to find the best computing services which will sit well with your company’s demands.

Throw Out the Old Ways

Our team will also help companies scrutinize and understand which of their technologies will soon go out of style. This means that any hardware or technology which doesn’t seem promising for the future will be sidelined, and a better and more convenient alternative will be provided.

This will help the companies grow with the evolving world of technology and stay up to date so that their businesses can flourish.


If you are a business that plans to switch to cloud computing but lacks the essential guidance, then we will always be glad to help.

Through our support, not only will you make the right decisions in choosing the bests services, but you will hopefully flourish in the changing world. Contact us today!

ATS Wins Technology Industry’s Two Top Awards

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Business team seated around conference table in applause.

Technology Assurance Group and
Intermedia Recognize ATS for Superior

CONCORD, CA – ATS, a leading managed
technology services provider,
announced today that the company
received Technology Assurance
Group’s top award at the 21st
Annual TAG Convention held in
Scottsdale, AZ. Technology
Assurance Group (TAG), an
organization of leading managed
technology services providers in
the United States and Canada
representing $800 million in annual
products and services, selected
ATS as the winner of the
Outstanding Economic & Customer
Satisfaction Award. ATS received
the recognition during an awards
ceremony attended by TAG’s
Member companies and leading
technology manufacturers.

Additionally, at a private
event held last month, Intermedia,
an industry leading and highly
respected cloud communications
company, presented the Intermedia
Partner Accelerate High Flyers
Award to ATS distinguishing them
as one of their top national UCaaS
(Unified Communications as a
Service) Partners. ATS was one of
only 17 companies out of 3,100
Intermedia UCaaS providers to
receive this recognition.

The industry holds both
awards in the highest regards and is
only given out once per year.
Intermedia’s award is a direct result
of ATS helping clients move to a
cloud-based phone solution solving
the business challenge their clients
were facing of wanting for a more
all-inclusive voice solution that
works well in a hybrid or work
from home business model. TAG’s
Outstanding Economic & Customer
Satisfaction Award was selected
based on ATS’ exceptional
economic performance and
superior customer satisfaction.
“When you place the customers’
needs ahead of your own, it’s
incredible how it positively impacts
your own business. By taking time
to understand our client’s business
and listening to their challenges,
our team works to match the best
technology available in the market
and implement these solutions with
a strong focus on customer service.
By consistently exceeding our
customers’ expectations, we have
developed quite a reputation in the
community,” said Sanford
Gladding, President of ATS.
“When our customers can rely on
us to be their trusted technology
advisor, we experience unfaltering
customer loyalty.”

“ATS is dedicated to
increasing their customers’
profitability, enhancing their
employees’ productivity and giving
them a competitive advantage
through the utilization of
technology,” said Brian Suerth,
President of Technology Assurance
Group. “Sandford leads a team that
is committed to the success of its
customers, and his customers know
this. That’s exactly why they keep
coming back.”

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Give Your Business the Best Communications with Unified Communication Services by ATS

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Futuristic technology interface against business people in board room meeting, connected/communications concept.

Communication is a vital element in a business’s success and helps businesses prosper and achieve their goals. Unified Communication is a service that unites multiple communication solutions under one platform.

What Is Unified Communication?

A Unified Communication system is a solution that allows for easy discussion between team members despite their geographic locations. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a well-blended communication platform that unifies internet-based messages and phones.

If you want to provide your workforce with work flexibility, a unified communication service will provide you with the right tools. Unified communication contains three essential elements, namely:

  • Presence
  • Work flexibility
  • Video conferencing

ATS Communications – The Best Unified Communication Services

ATS Communications is committed to providing lasting business relationships with clients. We have been in existence since 1975. Since then, our main aim has been to develop complete and customized communication packages.

Our experienced and well-skilled teams identify your communication needs and help you get the service that best fits your business requirements. We understand the needs of our clients and know ways to attain them efficiently by being your true technology partners.

Three Ways ATS Gives Your Business the Best Communication Services

UCaaS is an ideal option for small businesses, as the capital and operational expenses are significantly lower than maintaining multiple PBX systems.

An issue that is becoming a central focus for businesses is the way to support remote workers efficiently. To better understand unified communication, we have listed three ways we cater to your business needs with unified services.

  • Work Flexibility

    UCaaS allows for greater flexibility and scalability, without major infrastructure changes. You can easily add or remove users, like seasonal employees, without significant infrastructure changes. UCaaS offers a more consistent user experience to remote or mobile employees, and can be used via a cell phone, eliminating the need for an expensive office phone purchase.

  • Presence Monitoring and Messaging

    With many businesses supporting remote or a hybrid workplace model, having the ability to quickly and easily see which employees are available is crucial. With presence monitoring, you can see if an employee is on a call, in a meeting, or out to lunch.

    Additionally, having a messaging platform allows employees to ask and answer quick questions and then efficiently move on with their task. Much of the younger generation prefer text messaging to phone calls, so having this capability appeals to a large swath of your customers and employees.

  • Video and Meeting Solutions

    With the realities of remote employment, and traveling employees, ensuring that your business can maintain effective lines of communication is vitally important. The advent of cell phones closed this gap, but there is a need for more personal communications in businesses. Video chat and Video Meetings provide significant value to your business.
    With the ability to screen share, send or share files, UCaaS’s ability to support high quality video conferencing will increase your business’s productivity, collaboration and efficiency.

From cost savings to empowering your employees, a UCaaS solution from ATS offers your business many benefits. Contact us today to learn more about our UCaaS solutions and how they will help your business thrive.

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ATS Communications Prepares SMBs to Seamlessly Adopt Windows 11

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Mature businessman looking at notepad shown by female colleague with a man sitting in background. Business people working together in office.

Leading MTSP Increases Their
Customers’ Productivity with New
Microsoft Applications

CONCORD, CA – ATS Communications a leading
managed technology services
provider (MTSP), is preparing
small to mid-sized businesses
(SMBs) to upgrade their operating
systems to run on Windows 11, as
it is the latest operating system to
be released from Microsoft,
which will inevitably become
widely used across the business
world. SMBs can download
Windows 11 at no-cost and take
advantage of this upgrade to
empower collaboration, enhance
productivity and strengthen
cyber security within their
organizations. However, in order
to do so seamlessly, SMBs need
to ensure that all devices in their
company are compatible with the
new software, otherwise this
opportunity to increase
productivity could backfire and
turn into unnecessary downtime
across departments. ATS
Communications is encouraging
SMBs to verify system
compatibility across all devices,
workstations, and systems to
ensure that this transition is

“Any time Microsoft offers a
new upgrade, we prepare our
clients well in advance of its
release date. It’s important to be
using the latest software to
maintain relevance in the modern
business world, but this requires
careful planning to ensure that the
business continues to operate
without being unnecessarily
interrupted. Our clients do not
have the spare time to configure
their network or ensure
widespread system capability,
which is why we take ownership
of the process and keep them
focused on strategic planning,
execution and revenue-generating
priorities. They engage us as an
external IT department in order to
ensure that their operations are
uninterrupted throughout any
similar IT-related disturbances
that could affect their business,”
stated Sanford Gladding,
President of ATS

A major focus for Windows
11 is to provide an answer to
growing cyber security concerns
that SMBs are facing. Microsoft
has fortified this through stringent
system requirements, which have
been controversial, but Microsoft
states that with Windows 11’s
standard cyber security tools, it’s
“been shown to reduce malware
by 60 percent”. Cyber security is
an inconvenient truth that must be
dealt with and SMBs can take a
proactive step to improve their
cyber security simply by
downloading Windows 11. Over
the next several years SMBs will
be facing more cyber security
challenges which they will need
to prepare for; however,
Microsoft is beginning to address
this through the release of
Windows 11.

Windows 11 also aims to
improve productivity by bringing
with it a smoother Mac-like
redesign that is built to be more
responsive, faster, and seamlessly
integrated. Windows is seeking to
create the most flexible
technology ecosystem within
which creators can flourish.
Microsoft has optimized technical
details with the focus on
increasing device performance –
whether that means better
memory usage, longer battery life
or other optimizations that make
every device on the network more
efficient. Ultimately, the goal
behind any software release is to
introduce features that enhance
productivity and drive efficiency
to spur the bottom-line, and with
Windows 11 that’s no different.

In order to best prepare a
Windows 11 roll-out across an
organization, there are several
areas that need to be tested in
order to ensure both employee
and customer satisfaction. First,
SMBs need to ensure that the new
OS will integrate with the
different versions, resolutions,
Internet speeds and configurations
that other areas of the network
rely on. Each of these should be
tested in all possible manners to
reduce or eliminate any failure
points. This means that if various
users, like a customer and
employee for example, are
utilizing incompatible browsers,
hardware, networks, mobile
devices or operating systems, they
might not work properly and must
be reconfigured to do so,
otherwise this could lead to
unnecessary frustration. Instead of
waiting for things to break and be
rectified in front of the customer,
this can easily be handled ahead
of time so that the business is
empowered to maintain strong
customer relationships.

Windows 11 is an opportunity
for new methods of creativity and
collaboration, but those
opportunities can only be realized
if everyone in the company, and
their equipment, is on the same
page. For assistance with your
transition to Windows 11 please
reach out to or call us
at (925) 609-6884.

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How Can Desktop Management Benefit Your Business?

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Close up of business man's hand using tablet with digital code design overlay.

Businesses across industries invest a lot of time and put in hard work to ensure their network’s health and performance. After all, if something goes wrong with the system, the productivity of your business is likely to suffer. But with limited time and resources, managing the network’s health and ensuring maximum productivity isn’t easy unless you have an expert to help you. This is why many businesses invest in desktop management services. Read on to learn more about desktop management and how it can benefit your business.

Desktop Management Service Explained

Desktop management is an innovative and comprehensive approach that focuses on managing computers within an organization. In addition, it is a service that focuses on overseeing, monitoring, and upgrading various types of devices like laptops, IoT computing systems, desktop computers, and smartphones. In other words, desktop management is a crucial system management component that administers the organization’s information system components.

How Does the Desktop Management System Work?

Desktop management service works by systematically managing all types of devices in and across the organization. It manages all the devices and IT systems utilized by the organization. The service provides comprehensive functions and services including:

  • Spam and virus protection
  • Install/add and change function
  • Patch management
  • Help desk functions such as password reset and controlling non-authorized apps
  • Identity and access management
  • Application delivery
  • User account management
  • Administration of single sign-on utilities

All these services are much needed because as the number of devices and end-users grows, it becomes crucial for the organization to manage, support, and secure the endpoints. Hence, a desktop management service is reliable to ensure maximum business productivity and security.

The desktop management services help secure organizations from threats while ensuring that the patches are installed and pushed so that only authorized users gain access to the corporate resources.

Top Benefits of Desktop Management Services

Now that you know why desktop management services are essential, let’s see how they can benefit your business.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    One of the main benefits of desktop management is the automation of key maintenance functions. In addition, it helps proactively manage the device operations on the corporate network, thereby freeing up your valuable resources much needed to focus on other revenue-generating areas instead of worrying about device management and configuration issues.

  • Advanced Security

    Desktop Management as a Service can help you implement the best security measures and practices across your organization. This further ensures that the devices don’t become points for data exfiltration. Moreover, it also helps security threats like malware and ransomware at bay.

  • Improved Team Collaboration

    If your business has adopted remote work culture, it is essential to ensure enhanced collaboration and communication among dispersed team members working from remote locations. This is where desktop management can help your business ensure that teams work collaboratively regardless of their location.

    Desktop management allows your computers to get accessed by other devices and authorized users from anywhere. Plus, the enhanced communication and collaboration tools enable teams to work in synergy and get the work done faster. Desktop management gives users the power and flexibility to share information, resources, and files in real-time. Moreover, desktop management promotes secure information sharing and secure connectivity between groups and team members.

  • Big Cost Savings

    When you invest in desktop management services, you can free up your business from mundane tasks that may otherwise take up your valuable time and funds. Instead, you can invest both time and funds on other creative projects and revenue-generating areas of your business.

  • Permission Controls

    Implementing advanced permission controls helps eliminate unnecessary access of team members from accessing sensitive data and systems. You can use these controls to limit user access and ensure only authorized users access the data. This further prevents the risk of crucial data being misused or shared intentionally or unintentionally with the wrong people.

For more information or desktop management services, get in touch with us. At ATS Communications, Inc, we specialize in desktop management solutions. Allow our experienced industry expert to help provide you with the best and most tailored desktop management services according to your business security and performance needs and targeted goals.

ATS Communications Your One-Stop Solution to All Your IT and Voice Needs – Professional, Proactive and Proficient

Posted on: March 21st, 2022 by admin

Smiling businesswoman using tablet on futuristic high tech blue background.

Are you looking for a technology partner for your business that can provide you with all your IT needs and solutions to improve your business? Then you have come to the right place. ATS Communications is an industry leader in IT solutions that has the expertise to identify your business environment and the challenges you will face to devise the best business plan to handle the smallest of tasks to the most sophisticated projects. We can provide most IT services, and some of these services are:

  • Cloud and Connectivity
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Help Desk
  • Phone and Wiring

To know more about us in detail, you can visit our About page for how experienced ATS Communications are.

What Services Does ATS Communications Provide?

ATS provides IT services delivering technical best practices that will enhance your business and make your business environment stable and secure. We also proactively manage most of your solutions to build a lasting relationship with our employees and clients. Some of the critical services that we provide you can peruse below.

Consultation and Support

When it comes to customer support and regular consultation, none are better than ATS Communications. Following are the key features of our Consultation and Support category.

Complimentary Technology Assessment – ATS Communications is your complete voice and data partner and helps you with your network assessment free of cost. This is done by asking critical questions over the phone and then finishing with an on-site evaluation.

Outsourced CTO Services – You can have regular and scheduled meetings with our Technology Advisor experienced in applying technology and help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Remote Workforce – With the recent boom in hybrid WFH-Onsite work culture, ATS can give your company mobility with our cloud solutions. ATS can provide you with a single communications portal that will include unified messaging, contact center solutions, flexible SIP, etc., and so much more.

Project Management – Starting from making and planning the project to installation and commissioning, the ATS Communications team will be there through each step for smooth installation and working.

Other services included in the Consultation and Support are:

Network & User Cyber Security

Security is the backbone of any business that ATS will enhance to the top level. When it comes to Network and Cyber Security, ATS has the following plans for you.

Business Continuity and Data Back-Up – ATS provides one of the best Data Backup solutions and is equipped with providing you Disaster Recovery for all your data and voice interactions. Whether it’s from ransomware, by a human error, or even from a natural disaster, ATS has you secured with our single platform data protection and built-in redundancies.

Anti-Virus & Email Filtering – The emailing solution that ATS provides is built on award-winning technology and can quickly clear away up to 99.97% of all the spam you will receive and remove viruses and email attacks.

Security Awareness Training Program – A protection and backup suit is useless if you don’t train your employees to detect and understand security issues and red flags. ATS provides continuous education and enhances your employee’s awareness. We can also provide you with annual security training to keep you up to date on the latest trends.

Password Management – The N-able password manager provides you with Passportal solutions, a cloud-based management tool that will save all your information in an encrypted format.

Other solutions in this group are as follows:

Premise / Infrastructure Solutions

Building on the foundation is easier said than done, as, without a proper foundation, most of the infrastructure will eventually deteriorate. Therefore, ATS provides all the solutions for a complete package.

Voice Solutions – Providing you with a variety of VoIP and mobile voice solutions is the mantra of ATS Communications. Our solutions can either upgrade your existing facility or completely replace it. Our solutions also provide vertical summit platforms, IP-based systems, etc.

Structured Cabling (Wiring) – This service includes Voice, Data, Video, and even Fiber Cabling Services. Being the backbone of modern IT infrastructure, ATS specializes in all stages of a complete cabling solution for your voice and data.

Wireless Infrastructure – Depending on your system’s needs, ATS can install WAN or Lan systems and function.

Network & Desktop Management

ATS Communications ensures the proper implementation of the right processes and technology to help enhance your business when it comes to remote desktop management, which includes services like:

Remote Monitoring and Management – ATS provides 24x7x365 services with our Network Operations Center that will support your network remotely so that you can redeploy the resources elsewhere.

Help Desk Services – ATS also provides complete Help Desk Solutions to resolve common issues and deal with customers professionally so you can focus on managing and enhancing your business.

Other services under this group are:

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions are the evolution of hybrid businesses for the future. Without a cloud, an organization will not get as many customers as others who have those solutions. ATS also has the best solutions for this department, such as:

Cloud Computing – Taking full advantage of cloud solutions is a logical step for more businesses, and ATS can help you transition your business to the cloud tailored to your need.

Business Continuity and Data Back-Up – As we say, the show must go on; ATS sets your business up for surviving and functioning correctly for most unforeseen circumstances.

Other Solutions under the Cloud group are:

Voice Solutions

Sales and Support services are the promotional devices for your business that can further enhance your business’ image through the following services:


The growth of your business and enterprise now rests on how tech-savvy you are and how digitally integrated your business is. ATS can take you through the integration and transitioning journey to enhance your business and streamline your enterprise. ATS Communications can help your business by establishing goals and strategies for higher productivity and profitability. That’s why ATS is the only forward-thinking business partner and support you will need. For direct communication with ATS, you can visit our Contact ATS page.